The Client Satisfaction Information System of PENRO Sultan Kudarat conducted its dry run today (2/23/2024) with Regional Executive Director Atty. Felix S. Alicer being the first to use the system. This innovative mechanism aims to gather feedback from clients, promoting transparency, and enhancing the quality of service provided to our customers.

Also, the Assistant Regional Director Elvira Lumayag and DENR RXII personnel took part in the Client Satisfaction System dry run. Implementing such a system can indeed enhance customer experience and promote positive vibes through its user-friendly feedback mechanism. By actively engaging with customers and soliciting their feedback, our office can better understand their needs and improve the services accordingly. This proactive approach fosters positive interactions and cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within the organization leading to customer satisfaction and overall effectiveness.

The realization of this valuable innovation is credited to the initiatives of MSD Chief, Jennifer A. Trajico, MEP with the invaluable support of OIC-PENR Officer Forester Dirie Macabaning, MPA. Their collaborative efforts marks a significant step forward in enhancing service delivery and ensuring client satisfaction.